Shelving System


  • Conversations – are things I would probably be saying out loud if I was grouped around a round table with friends and family. Sort of a catch all space for thoughts that won’t stay in my mind.
  • Kitchen – stores my recipes and cooking adventures.
  • Library – consists of posts about my books. Not books I’ve written mind you, books I’ve read and own. In other words, I got tired of constantly summarizing my collection when someone wants something to read.
  • Scribbles – are the things I write. All the things I write be they poetry, non-fiction, fiction, dancing otters, bad puns, literary fairies, or musings from the mouths of pirates.
  • Legal Theft Project: I’ve joined an international ring of first line thieves!  There is a better description over at Apprentice, Never Master.
  • Whose Line: Inspired by the show and the improv game, I’m taking reader suggestions, writing them on strips of paper, and tossing them in a tea tin. When it comes time to write, I shake the tea tin, draw forth the phrases, and fiction away!

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