Tybalt: What’s schizophrenia?

Jess: [wryly] Hearing voices in your head. Some people find our existence disturbing. For whatever reason when it is written down, they don’t worry as much.

Tybalt: [scoffs] That is ridiculous. Life would be boring if we were not around.

Kate (Me): Would you lot quiet down? I’m trying to write. [mutters] Bloody characters.


Kate: Kate Kearney – the socially acceptable one. The author of the blog. The person who is typing up this page of information. The person who is often backed away slowly from as she talks to the characters in her head. The person who has yet to write a bio page.

The Characters:

Tybalt: A swashbuckling privateer elvish arch-duke with a fashion obsession. He is in denial about being a Gary Stu. He is commonly found mocking the authoress and being a flippant nuisance of awesome.

Jess: This lady pirate captain lets nothing stand in her way. Yes, she can use that falchion on her belt. She sails by her own code (woe to anyone who thinks they are only guidelines) and is commonly found bossing everyone but Tybalt around.

Kyprianu (Kypri): is a man with the magical ability to turn into an otter. He can occasionally turn other people into otters with him. He loves to play pranks, hang out with his friends, and is constitutionally incapable of taking anything seriously. He thinks faster than he talks and he talks faster than most people can follow.

Alisha: has anger issues, lots of swords, and is very very short.

Alessa: is a loyal servant of the crown. Which commonly makes her life hellish.

Tyrell: is an angsty anti hero who shares a lot of traits with Tony Stark. He has never worn a metal suit.

Scotty: likes drinking, fighting, cheating, and stealing. In that order. When he does not have magic, he studies philosophy.


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