Legal Theft Project: Detonation

Saving him would have been easy, but he wasn’t even worth that. It had been fun, having his attention, his affection, the flowers and the wit. There were many aspects of him that she appreciated, it wasn’t hard to let him think it more than that. But she had her own goals, her own plans. And when she took a good look at them, he just didn’t fit. So she told him so.

Told him he was nothing but a toy to her, a distraction. A shallow minor amusement she would forget in less time than it took to tell him. That he could never aspire to be what she wanted, even if he was successful, even if he accomplished every one of his dreams, he would never have that innate value she was looking for, and had found in another.

She’d never seen that expression on a human face before. Like a dog convinced it had wronged its master and was never going to be forgiven. He wasn’t wrong. She’d done what she needed to do for herself. She told him never to follow her. Told him to take his worthless hide and vanish like the rest of his family. Any last edifices or rationalizations she demolished with well placed words, detonating in the depths of his eyes.

She walked away and she kept her promise, within minutes, she’d forgotten all about him.

He would never forget her, could not forget her, so he did the only thing he could. He ran.

I stole a wild line from TheGateintheWood. Keep an eye out for other wild lines.


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