Legal Theft Project: Laundry Day

Rose did not mean to pry. She had emptied and sorted both hampers before remembering that she hadn’t grabbed her PE clothes. She added hers to the pile and noted her sister’s were missing as well. So she went to get them from her sister’s room.

She shook her head at the unmade twin bed in the corner, taking a moment to straighten the sheets and pull up the comforter. The plant in the window was drooping and she gave it a drink. She took a long look at her sister’s desk. Papers stacked in purposeful piles, folders with photos and email printouts, SD cards, film canisters, and spare lenses cluttered up the space. Rose sighed. The file organizer and color coded post it notes she’d suggested were buried under her sister’s actual work and doing her no good at all. Rose turned away and slid open the mirrored closet to get her sister’s school duffel. She grabbed the right bag, but the pile of battered backpacks and workhorse purses tumbled down. With a soft huff, Rose stacked them back up.

She turned to pick up a black purse when she saw the green fabric spilling out of it. More clothes? But as she drew it out, she knew she was wrong. The fabric was too smooth and breathable to be anything she knew. She couldn’t find a seam and as she shook it out, she saw why. A deep green bodysuit with a cowl and on the chest there was the face of a rat in metallic gray. Rose held her breath for just a moment and ran her hand down the side of the suit. The questions rose, settled, and subsided and she shoved the suit messily back into the purse. She made sure it was shoved deep and fairly securely before placing it back in the closet. She grabbed her sister’s PE clothes and went to do the laundry with a smile.

We’ve been caught up in some real world capers and the Legal Thievery has been a bit scattered lately. We’re all very clever thieves. Everyone was stealing a secret from me this week. Keep an eye out.


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