Choo Choo! The Little Engine Tag

I was tagged by Gwen over at ApprenticeNeverMaster for this Little Engine Tag. I shall now proceed to spin around this post like a ribbon around a Maypole. I mean, look at that train. I don’t think the train will be grumpy with me. 

Spin that train! You weird looking train.

Spin that train! You weird looking train.

The rules:

  1. This tag includes eight questions: six permanent, and two that change at the whim of the blogger. Do what you like with them when you pass this tag on.
  2. Each answer you give to a question must be more than two sentences long.
  3. At the end, tag some folks.

Onward! to the questions.

  1. What’s one of your biggest pet peeves?

Pointless cliffhangers at the ends of things. I loathe them. We all know you won’t kill the main character, their name is in the title, so please stop leaving them in high danger situations or in the middle of a vital scene at the end of a book, or episode, or movie, or whatever media you consume. That is not to say I am against unresolved situations at the end of media. Hooks are a time honored tradition to keep people reading, but it also has to be an END. Make me want to come back. Don’t try to drag me back because the character fell off a tower – I will assume they are dead. Yes, I know you meant to make me go find the next one to discover how they are not dead. I saw what you did there. And it made me angry so I am going to flounce off and find someone who ends their story with the character who fell off the tower, crashing onto a parapet, hurt, and her best friend flying in on an eagle to save her if they don’t get shot on the way. Cause that is a scene I would pick up the next one to watch it play out and resolve. *huff*

  1. What is your favorite song at the moment?

Outlaws by Delta Rae. The following part of the chorus has been on repeat in my head for two weeks now.

“Rules were meant to be pushed and pulled

We were meant to be sparks of light

Running now with the raging bulls

Baby we can be magic tonight”

In addition to the wonderful brightness that it sends bursting from my phone, most of the character lounge enjoys at least parts of this song. One character has finally admitted that this is the music that they would in fact purchase for themselves. Which is always fun to know. Excuse me, Imma go have a dance party with the above song, Run also by Delta Rae, and Work This Body by Walk the Moon. It will be undignified and glorious.

  1. Who is your favorite blogger?

Matt the Werewolf as previously mentioned in this post. Also, asking people to pick favorites without the use of either “at the moment”, “recently”, or with the caveat that it is a tier, not an individual does not bother me, I just get tired of needing to repeat that each time. So… from now on, understand that when someone asks me for a favorite, it is like asking me what the latest and greatest ice cream flavor is. Some days I want french vanilla, others white chocolate raspberry truffle, and still others oatmeal frozen yogurt.

  1. What’s the nicest thing you’ve seen someone do recently?

In the book I was reading right before I got on the internet, a heartless asshole who believes his conscience to be a rather irritating disease, looked his brother in the eye and shot down his worst fear in a blunt and abrupt manner. Said brother blinked and could possibly have gotten teary eyed if he could still do that anymore, but he can’t. Now the asshole probably just wanted to get rid of the irritating melancholy his brother had been lingering under, but because he is a factually oriented and unemotional individual, his opinion carries great weight with his brother and he ended up doing something nice. If by accident. And he wouldn’t call it nice. Just a way to appease that verdammt conscience creature.

  1. What’s something you regret doing?

Back in the beginning of high school I made new friends. One of said new friends shared book interests with me. In a state of excitement, I lent said friend the one book in the middle of a series which they had not read. Apparently that is because the angry unicorns contained within have teleporting powers. I never saw that copy of the book again and my perfect sextet of first print copies forever has a hole. Every time I look at my bookshelf and see the one glaringly new and visibly different book in the middle of the series I regret having lent the original. *stares soulfully off into the distance*

  1. If you could take only three items with you to a deserted island, what would they be, and why?

Did you mean: You are going away from people of your own volition and choice for a set amount of time and you can only take three significant items with you on the trip due to a limited amount of luggage space? *Grins cheekily at you*

A tiny instant camera, a teddy bear, and a pen of infinite chaos. Or a book. Probably a book.

  1. What’s the last television episode you really loved?

The writer glares at those darn italics. “A Sin to Err,” the sixth episode of the first season of Agent Carter. The first season of Agent Carter is the last TV show I have loved with all of my heart. Why that particular episode? Perfect musically timed diner bar fight and punching Thompson in the face. Plus sassy female friendship power. It wins.

  1. What place on your home continent would you most like to visit?

The writer glares at the word ‘most’. This is basically asking me to pick a favorite. I refer you to the previous question about favorites.

Disneyland. I shall gather a pacific northwest vampire recruit, a bold but burnable southern california transplant apprentice sorceress, and a vicious red panda and her menagerie to travel with me to the rollercoaster and imagination filled location. I would not say no to the addition of an adorable and flippy otter either.

Why do I want this? Because it sounds like fun. Because I can enjoy places, but I enjoy people more. Because I am limited to a place on my home continent and the other option is a small island off the coast.

I’m tagging:

Machete Diplomacy. Please don’t stab me.

Creatures, Critters, and Crawlers. Please don’t bite me.

And your new questions are:

  1. Will you tell us some interesting animal facts?
  1. What are some tropes that just make you go “YES THAT IS MY THING”?

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