Legal Theft Project: Don’t Taunt the Rock

He was a thing of time and stone, and quick wits simply confused him. The quick ones darted here and there. Pausing, only briefly, when something caught their eye and then swooping on as if to keep the small treasure to themselves. They moved in dizzying groups with bright colors. They spoke so quickly he could not follow. Sometimes they tried. Slowing their speech and using simple terms. He smiled and nodded as they spoke. Their rapid patter was a pleasing sound like rain falling through leaves or water burbling over rocks.

Some of them weren’t so nice. Some liked to laugh at him. Buzzing like hornets with their sharp wicked words. He pretended he didn’t notice. Didn’t understand that they were laughing at him. Attempting to sting the slow slumberous thing that he was. Patiently he waited. And waited. And when one of them darted in alone to amuse itself at his expense, confident and quick and clever, he slowly blocked the exit. Listened solemnly when they taunted him.

They were always surprised when he ate them.

To his continued bafflement, he was never suspected when they disappeared. For such quick witted creatures they never seemed to notice the obvious. Perhaps they simply thought too fast and the idea passed them right by without a blink. Which suited him just fine.

They were tasty.

I stole this first line from Kid. I moved like a thing of time and stone getting it written. But eventually…. See what confused other stones here.


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