Legal Theft Project: Thinking Outloud

Ryan and I had a pretty good childhood, all things considered. What was that? Childhood starts before the age of sixteen? Maybe it does, but the unit we were recruited for scrapes you down to the basics, builds you back up, and then everyone stumbled around with new abilities like kittens learning how to walk. So, childhood.

No, the best thing about the experience was the other candidates. We found each other, helped each other, and covered for each other. Yeah, the program helped, but they weren’t living it. We were. They still don’t recognize exactly what cadre they’ve created. Everyone knows that shared experiences strengthen bonds, but living the kind of chaos and confusion we went through? We all know each other. Down to the marrow and we respect that we probably shouldn’t know that. It isn’t a comfortable merger. But damn does it make us effective.

Parted across a battlefield, Ryan and I still move in perfect harmony. Besides the fact that we communicate faster than anyone else, we just know what the other one is going to do. When we got separated in Trialge and communication was down we still found the same meeting place around the same time. The brass wants to take credit. Credit our new abilities and they’re partially correct – we didn’t mean to, but we’ve seen each other from the inside out, and that form of empathy is…. You wouldn’t understand. Let’s get moving. Trust me. We know what we’re doing.

Back to my thieving ways. I stole this first line from Bek. Take a look at the childhoods of other thieves here.



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