Legal Theft Project: Vengeance

There simply were no words. His people were already dead, blood pooling on the stones from their slit throats. The enemy stood in an arc, hands red and outstretched to the mage at the focal point of the arc. Offering blood, his people’s blood and all that came with it, to their leader. Between him and the enemy mages were guards and warriors. Whatever was happening they had to stop it. He felt his sister at his shoulder and they dove from the cave shelf. Lightning blasted from his hands and he struck down the closest priest. His sister swirled down, dealing death with a touch and disappearing into the dark to strike the next. The air was thick and close with the scents of the sea and blood and magic. More of the enemy swept into the cave. He loosed his chain and spun metal and magic through the cave. Fighting rolled and writhed. They were only two, but they were lethal. His sister broke through the guardians and slew two of the mages with precision hits from her short swords. He grinned as she darted away from their return magic. Spin. Spark. War.

He didn’t believe it when it happened. He looked over and saw his sister deliver a perfect short thrust through one enemy’s back. A killing blow. She had already moved on, economical with motion and no time to waste on a dead man. The dead man’s blade took her through the side. Even then, she turned and struck him again. Treated him as a living man, but the damage was done.  He didn’t bother to scream her name. He roared, wordlessly, and reached out to the blood in the air and wrenched it to his will. He was near her and she was dead and he stood above her and he tore everything this cave had to give, everything he had left in him, and he killed. He plundered the power of those he killed and rode it toward the man who impossibly still stood. He hurled his power into a bolt so white and sharp, the air turned blues and black. And the other man blocked with a wall of water which boiled. The steam blew back at the enemy and he screamed. The cave was full of death and he knew he would join it. He made his peace. Knew what powered a spell as powerful as he wanted. He whipped his chain around his own neck and cursed the man who killed his sister.

The man stumbled back and he poured everything into his desire. He felt his life draining. Then everything turned to light and fire and he screamed. And screamed. And screamed.


I have been robbed. See what left the thieves speechless.


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