Legal Theft Project: Weight of Chains

“Uncuff me.” She said it like he’d simply forgotten and she graciously took pity on his poor mortal brain. He checked on the jungle again, the sounds of pursuit were faint, but still present behind them. He helped her up from where the decomposing muck they’d fallen into when she lost her footing. She was covered in mud, decaying leaves, and splashes of blood. It worked for her. If you could consider looking like the forest goddess of death and decay a good look. He probably looked like a dirt laden mongrel. She was looking at him expectantly, and she shook her hands as if he had perhaps forgotten they were both handcuffed and chained.

“I would if I could, but I can’t right now.” He looked away from the slight furrow that formed between her brows and oriented himself. “We need to keep moving.”

They stumbled a little further into the jungle. A monkey screamed and he flinched, jerking the chain between them when he did. She took a step forward and glared. “These are hampering our escape. They are uncomfortable and chafe. Remove them.”

“I don’t have the key.” He kept walking and perforce, so did she.

She flicked her wrist dismissively. “There is more than one way to open a lock.”

He gritted his teeth and helped her over a log. “I can’t pick locks with a stick.” The look she gave him would have been better directed at a less than bright puppy. He was getting tired of it. “And if I did what you’re thinking I should do, the guards would be all over us within minutes. Just wait. We’ll get them off once we’ve gotten clear of their patrols.”

She considered. He had gotten them out of the stone prison and they had not been discovered yet on their trek. It was undignified, but he had proven himself clever and passably resourceful.

“You will remove then as soon as it is feasible to do so.”

He tried to hide his exasperated sigh under his slight bow. “Of course, my lady.”

“Very well then. Lead on.”

He nodded and started walking again. The metal cuffs bit into his wrists. Oh yeah. This day just got better and better.


I slipped this first line out of M.D.’s pocket. See who else got cuffed here.


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