Black Out Poetry: Memory by Lois McMaster Bujold

The pages in this book came from my favorite installment of the Miles Vorkosigan saga. Also, the author has one of the coolest names ever. Seriously. Suffice to say these were some of my favorite pages to play around with, and if I ever do this particular project again, I will definitely be using more pages from this series. The language sparks something playful and unique for me. Not to mention I simply love Miles. So, let us take a look at what I scribbled over.

Memory 1

I am going to use this page again. I love the language and the interplay and have at least three more ideas just looking at it right now. I will want to get better copies of the pages. These were harder to read and work with for some reason.


Memory 2

Simple and really fun to draw. Both of these pages are probably getting tacked up on my gallery wall of random things I like. 

So, I hope your enjoying the random meanderings with my overly dark pen. I’ll be back next week with some oversize urban fantasy pages.


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