Legal Theft Project: A Drinking Song

Blue suit jacket open and tie undone, he smiled at her. She shot him one right back and accepted her whiskey from the bartender. Tossed it back. He came right on over, the whiskey toss better than a hair flip or beckoning finger. She ordered another and let him come right up to her with just enough room for her to turn around. Good. She accepted her second drink and obliged him with the turn. Sipped the whiskey slowly, her eyes laughing. His warmed. “Daichi. Pleased to meet you.” The lilt in his voice was clear, hers was light and worn smooth with travel. “Raisa. The same. You can always tell quality by the way they like their whiskey.”

He raised an eyebrow. “You haven’t seen me drink any yet.”

“No, but you watched me drink mine and you checked the label when you came over.”

He touched his heart. “A hit. You see a lot.”

“I like visual puzzles,” she paused and gave him a quick once over. “I like your tie.”

He glanced down. “Really, why?”

“Because it makes me wonder what else you find restricting.” Oh, she did like him. The heat that sprang in his eyes, the pleased smile. The party drifted around their little shield of sparks and she turned so he was closer to the bar. It gave her a better view of the room and a little bit more mobility instead of being stuck between him and the barstools. She caught the sign from the security at the side.

“You’re new to the city,” he said.

She nodded. “Only been in for about a week and was dealing with business.” She threw the distasteful subject away with her left hand. “I’ll have to deal with it again soon, but I figured I owed myself a drink.”

“You don’t seem like you’d like confinement either.” He brushed a hand down her back. She smiled at him and glanced at the movement behind his shoulder. Goddamn idiot was drawing a gun. Idiots always thought they could enforce their bad decisions with a gun.

“I don’t. I’m going to freshen up, I’ll be back to let you try and talk me out of my jacket.” She got to her feet smoothly, and trailed her hand on his shoulder as she moved. The idiot was keeping his hand low and she angled so she would pass right by it.


Daichi turned to watch Raisa head toward the restroom. Tight jeans, leather jacket, and the whisper of Eire in her voice. Oh yeah, he was going to have a fun night. He was still watching when she turned, grabbed Brennan’s arm and forced him to drop a gun he was carrying. Brennan was down in less time than it took for him to rise and his security team to take two steps away from their posts. “What in the name of Finn?”

His lead security man, Conner, stepped into the loud crowd of the bar, “All clear, Raisa?”

Raisa scooped up Brennan’s gun and had her foot planted on his right arm. “We’re good. Watch his cousins.”

Conner read the impatience and burning anger in Daichi’s face and made his way over.


“Brennan and his kin have been plotting a bit of an internal coup.”

Daichi nodded. He knew. He didn’t ask why he wasn’t clued in. It would have to be his father’s doing.

“Raisa is the new security person you were hesitant to accept and requested seeing in action.”



“You are an asshole and I am going to enjoy our sparring matches in the next two weeks.”


“Raina,” he called across the space clearly.

“Yes sir?”

“You’re hired, but keep me out of the loop again, and it won’t stay that way.”

“Got it, sir.”

Finn’s beard, now he needed a drink.

I stole this line from MacheteDiplomacy. Check out the other blue suits in the court of thievery.


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