Legal Theft Project: Capes and Pride

More than anything, Margaret wanted her son to be a good man. Just for today. She was sure there were things she would want as much or more than that in time. Life was fluid like that. But just for today there was absolutely nothing she could possibly want more. After all, if her son turned out not to be a good man, then her daughter was going to destroy large swaths of the city and that would lead to wanted posters, rising rent prices, insurance problems, and conversations full of sublimated bitterness held in small dingy rooms with horrid lighting. Of course it was likely that no matter what decisions were made, her children were going to be in trouble. That was what happened when your daughter started down the road to super villainy and your son became a caped crusader. So she didn’t care if her son was a good hero. She just wanted him to reach out to his sister and talk to her. Most of this would have been taken care of by now if her bone headed children had simply talked. About any of it. Maybe. Well, it was the last chance before her daughter destroyed the city. The first muffled explosion sounded in the distance.


I am a thief! I stole this first line from Bek. Check out the ring of thievery here.


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