Legal Theft Project: Moose Code

Sam and Robert watched attentively as Haley and Grant leaned together to talk over the party noise. Then Sam threw a potato at Grant. It narrowly missed Grant’s head. Haley turned and looked at Sam and Robert. “Did they just throw a potato at your head?”

He sighed. “Yes.”

Haley gave him an ‘I am confused and mildly concerned’ look.

“The potato is code. It means ‘introduce us already darn it, we cannot determine how cool of a person she is from here’.”

Haley blinked. She glanced sideways at Sam and Robert who were staring intently at the back of Grant’s head. Sam reached for another potato.

“Do you always communicate via hurled root vegetables?”

Grant found it hard to gauge her expression. “Not always. Sometimes we use nerf darts or cats.”

“Thrown cats?”

“Not… really.” Grant struggled to find the right way to explain his friends. “We just kind of pick them up and run at each other.”

“Are there any restrictions on this… communicative form?”

“No, it’s just….”

“Good,” Haley said decisively. She looked around and her eyes lit on the ornamental moose. It was a gorgeous moose, snow dusted and implying holiday cheer without being denominational. Haley rose, took the moose, and placed it upon her head. She spun gracefully, like a ballerina in the Nutcracker, and let out an ear piercing war cry as she charged Sam and Robert at the kitchen island.

Robert screamed and nearly fell over. Sam blinked.

Grant laughed. He was going to marry that woman.


The first line of this piece was stolen from Bek over at BuildingaDoor. My sister stole my keyboard and gave me the second line. She heavily influenced the rest of this piece as well. If you want to see what other people have done with this line check out this ring of thievery. Yes. We are all mad here.


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