Legal Theft Project: Important Plans

She waited until the cop passed the light post and rounded the corner to step up behind her and put a hand to her throat and a knife to her ribs. The cop’s hand fell to her gun. Tess’s perfume drifted around them in a cloud, and she whispered in the cop’s ear, “You owe me dinner and three hours of video games. You are supposed to text me before you do death defying duties, damn it.” Tess took her hand and knife away allowing Cat to turn around.

Cat turned and gave her best look of utter disapproval. “A knife?” she said.

“It’s new and I have perfect control of it.” Tess said with a sniff.

“And you know I’m wearing Kevlar.”

Tess sighed. “And I know you’re wearing Kevlar.”

Cat crossed her arms. “I do not always have time before missions to text you.”

Tess rolled her eyes and took a step backward, dramatically pressing a hand to her forehead. “Oh lord, I had not known you rushed into danger with such speed and bravery.”

Cat laughed on her sigh. “I do promise to take ALL of Saturday off to lounge around, play video games, and eat greasy takeout.”

“YAY!” Tess leapt into the air and spun in a circle. “Now where’s my lollipop?”

Cat made a cherry bubblegum pop appear in her hand as if by magic.

Tess took it. “It’s a pity you went the route of law. You would have made an excellent thief.”

“And I make an excellent cop.”

“Yes, yes you do. Probably because you would make an excellent thief.”

“Probably,” Cat agreed. “See you on Saturday. Don’t steal too much on the way back.”

“No promises!”


I stole the first line of this piece from Kid over at TheGateintheWood. Check out the whole ring of thieves!


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