Legal Theft Project: Strive

Adam had turned coming home from work into a secret race. He changed into worn jeans and a faded grey band t-shirt he’d bought during his last long term under cover op. He secured his workout bag on his back. He looked like an average, if attractive, man and would have been completely unremarkable if he hadn’t been standing on an upper city rooftop in the mid afternoon. Even then, most people would have had to think twice before realizing it was odd for him to be stretching on an industrial building’s roof. Fortunately people rarely looked up. So they were not suddenly afflicted with heart attacks when he vaulted from the factory roof onto the wall of the next building and from there to a third building’s fire escape. He swung on from there, pushing himself over rooftops and off ledges. Running a path known to few and visible to even less.

Breathing easily and sweating hard, he checked his time when he reached his front door. Not his best. The construction on 5th had slowed him down. He let himself in. His sister was at the table cleaning her guns. He wondered if his sister knew about his secret striving to arrive home before her on any day they both had work.  Closing the door behind him, he decided it would probably never occur to her that he might be competing. Plus, he probably wouldn’t know what to do if he did manage it.

She looked up. “Adam.” She got a look at his sweat soaked tee. “Have a good run?”

“Yeah. Got a little interesting at the construction over on 5th. Keeps me on my toes.”

“I’ll have to try it.”

“Let me know when you do.” He headed to the shower. One day, one day he’d be home only a minute behind her, instead of five. One day.


Thievery Abounds! The first line of this piece was stolen from Bek by a whole ring of thieves. Check it out.


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