Legal Theft Project: Don’t Anger the Mechanic

He stood at the doorway for fifteen minutes before she even noticed he was there. Mutual blinking occurred. She put the hammer down and stepped back from her work bench. He raised his hands. “I am the one who caused the problem, but I was trying to be considerate. It backfired horribly and I am very very sorry.”

“I put down the hammer. Tell me what happened.”

“The dishwasher is flooding and may possibly explode.”

Her eyebrows flew to her hairline. “What exactly did you do?”

“I loaded it. And put soap in it. And ran it.”

She enunciated slowly. “All the dishes?”

“Well it’d be silly to run it with only half the dishes in the machine. Shouldn’t you go take a look at it?” An ominous rumble came from the direction of the kitchen.

They both winced.

“Fair,” she said. She started to the kitchen. “But if you have managed to ruin the dishes, created a dishwasher bomb, or unleashed some sort of plague, you are cleaning it up.”

He opened his mouth and she cut him off. “Yes, you can shanghai help.”

She took a look at the foaming clunking machine. The noise… it sounded like a clockwork army battle. “Also, you owe me a new blanket. A nice soft one, so I can bury my head in it when I am done with this machine.” She rolled up her sleeves and he deserted the field. The faster he found a blanket, the better.


I stole this line from Bek. It was rather similar to the line Gwen stole from me. Check out the comparisons here.


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