Legal Theft Project: Just Checking

He was sick, but it was a good sick, the kind after which he felt better, the kind with which he was all too familiar. His thoughts always sped faster when he was this nervous. Which would make his words even faster and potentially less coherent, but he knew he would feel better if he got it over with.

Kip squared his shoulders, took a deep breath, and charged into the captain’s office. She looked up from her charts and blinked at him as he skidded to a halt in front of her desk. He took a deep breath. “Captain, I was wandering through the market and I was minding my own business, I swear, but several large and rather unfriendly gentlemen seemed to think I was up to no good and took a moment to remonstrate with me. I did my utmost to soothe their concerns but they weren’t of the most reasonable sort of man and, well, I ran, but some of the wares nearby may have followed me and some of them crashed and I had to save a few of them from harm while avoiding the large fists and bellows of the unpleasant gentlemen. It was all getting very chaotic, and then the dogs showed up because of the spilled meat, and the watch was coming and I promise I did not run directly toward the ship like last time, but I think I have another price on my head, several new not friends, a pocket full of gemstones, a few bruises, and I still haven’t found a whit of that prudence that you told me I should go find, even though I tried, I swear.”

The captain took a moment for Kip’s speech to resolve into a semi-coherent narrative in her head.  “Did you at least pull up the ladder behind you?”

Kip’s eyes widened.

She sighed. “Roger will have taken care of it.”

Kip waited. The captain went back to her charts. When she didn’t say anything, he spoke up.

“Are you mad?”

She looked at him. “Have I been mad yet?”

“No. But I feel better after I check.” He grinned and darted out of the office to the sound of the captain’s laughter.


I stole this first line from Kathryn at Nine Pages. In fact, we ALL did. Check it out.


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