Legal Theft Project: Weathering the Storms

“It’s raining,” Katja said. Seva threw the curtains open anyway and glared at the sleeting rain.

“It’s been raining for three days,” Seva said.

“And may rain for another three,” Katja replied. She capped her pen and looked up from her notes. The oil lamp on her desk couldn’t lift the oppressive gloom. Seva paced from the window to the desk and back again. Katja did not know what to say. They were trapped and the rain forced them to feel it. The storm brewing inside the library walls contained more violence than the drops outside. Something had to break before she and her sister started burning the place down. Her eye caught on the map cases in the corner, left over from when the chateau was a retreat for hunters instead of a gilded cage for wild princesses. Seva kept pacing and started eyeing the armchairs as if determining which one would make the largest pile of splinters.

Katja pulled out the maps. Sorting through them she found a basic map of her uncle’s lands. She smiled very slowly. With teeth. “Seva, we need counters.”

Seva nearly pounced on the desk. “Why?”

“Because we’re going to stage an assault on our dear uncle’s home estate with our angry rebel army and burn it to the ground. But to do that, we need the armies.”

Seva’s teeth flashed in a matching grin to Katja’s. “I know just the thing,” she said and raced off to gather the troops. Katja weighed down the map corners. They were going to beat this storm. And the next one. And the next. And the next.


I stole this first line from Gwen. Rain seems to be a theme this week. Check out the circle of thieves.


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