Legal Theft Project: Dear Diary, You Won’t Believe This

I can lift a car. I can lift a car above my head with one hand. I am so going to do my own stunts. Dang it, no I can’t. I have to publicly respect the accepted laws of physics. Otherwise I will probably end up in some government lab being studied like a hamster. This has been so cool. I don’t know what happened, or what changed, but I am definitely not normal anymore. It’s not puberty, well, not as traditionally accepted anyway. I mean, I hit that milestone a bit back. If I was going to go with what Disney taught me, then I am now the magic age of Eighteen. (No longer sixteen – that got people in trouble). Why turning Eighteen gave me the ability to jump onto the roof of a two story house, run a four minute mile, and smash a great many durable substances to tiny smithereens, I haven’t the slightest idea.

That isn’t all. Apparently my glare has been upgraded from ‘intimidating’ to ‘make people forget to breathe’. And that isn’t even mentioning the fire control. Exploring the city just got a lot more fun. I mean, yeah, I have limits. Just because I can jump off of things doesn’t mean I should.

No reason to change plans yet. I’ll just look around the internet and see if I can find anything useful. Go to school, keep practicing with what I know I can do. Maybe watch more action movies and talk to the choreographers, the ones with actual martial training I mean. Know how to handle myself a little better. Accidentally injuring people should be avoided. There’s got to be a reason this happened, right? I mean, that isn’t how things work. I don’t know why me, but I am not going to argue.

Adventure, I’m on my way. Just you wait.


My friend Bek stole the first line to write her own fiction. Check out the whole ring of thieves here.


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