Legal Theft Project: Because Reasons

There was no good reason to throw the hammer at the wall, but it suddenly occurred to Ennalie that she had never done it before. She hefted it, drew back, chucked it at the wall, and only then did it occur to her that there could be reasons not to throw the hammer at the wall. Thwump. Like the creation of holes. Which was probably why she had never done it before. She blinked at it until her brother stuck his head into her room. He looked at her. Looked at the wall. Looked at the hammer stuck in the wall. Looked back at her.

“Enna? Everything okay?”

“Yeah, I’d just never done that before.” The words fell flat after she said them.

His eyes flicked between the hammer and her, then he eased into the room and clicked the door shut behind him. He sank down on the edge of the bed, and surveyed the open tool kit, the empty shelves, and the boxes on the floor. Then he looked at Ennalie’s hands holding onto the edge of the bed.

“I’ve never coated myself in duct tape. The potential pain just doesn’t seem like the experiment would be worth it.”

A small smile tilted Ennalie’s mouth. “But you have climbed into a large bucket and gotten stuck, explored the attic and fallen through the ceiling, ventured into the thicket at the park thus startling a den of foxes…”


Kaye put his hand over one of his sister’s as they looked at the chaos in the room. “Somehow I doubt that ignoring immediate consequences will illuminate potential ones any more clearly or make them less scary.”

“Oh, that’s not quite why.” Ennalie twisted her hand so she was holding her brother’s palm to palm. “I wanted you to remember that this was my room and not steal it.”

Kaye pursed his lips. “I am rather forgetful.” He turned and looked at her. “We’d better go put a hole in my wall so I think of you when I see it. Just to be sure.”

Ennalie grinned and jumped up to grab the hammer.


This first line was stolen from Gwen at ApprenticeNeverMaster. Check out her blog tomorrow for the original fiction.


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