Legal Theft Project: Adapt

There were worse places to be stuck. The plane of fire came to mind. Though maybe that didn’t count as stuck, that was just death by fire. The void would be worse. Yeah, that would definitely be worse. At least he was still in the same dimension and material plane he’d always resided in. He was just in a cavern deep below the earth with absolute darkness, a race of infighting homicidal maniacs, and their pet spiders. Well, at least he could banish the spiders away from his personal space. And it wasn’t like he had to interact with most of the infighting maniacs. Just the one that had dragged him down here on a whim in the first place and seemed to split his time between treating him as a wonderful talking book and the strangest talking animal he’d ever run across.

Which was actually entertaining most days. So, it was dark, he could be banished to one of the nine hells. Instead he had strange mushroom based cuisine, a friendly cat, and a green house where he grew a few plants that weren’t fungi. He shook his head. Perhaps he was a little too well adjusted. Not that he intended to stay here for the rest of his life, but if he was going to be stuck in a cavern underground, it hadn’t turned out too poorly for him so far. Or maybe his standards had dropped significantly in the… in however long he’d been there. Well, where there was life, there was hope, and so on and so forth. All he had to do to escape was foil a war, learn how to break curses, and survive in the wilds of utter darkness. He had the survival down. Two more to go…


Thievery! “Still Here” by that ApprenticeNeverMaster was written with the first line of this little ramble. Enjoy the other fiction. It’s haunted. 🙂


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