Legal Theft Project: Faulty Plans

They were after Grace and that changed everything. Instead of watching the half trained baboons monkey around with their little kidnapping, he was going to dismantle it. Working through his angles was the easy part. They had comms and basic surveillance. They weren’t jumpy or tense, so it was likely they had no timetable or reason to believe they were busted. They had identified all of Grace’s personal security and were currently casing for a time. Easy to read, easy to see.

Harder to make a rational decision when he was angrier than he’d been in years. He let it run in and out with his breathing. Kept his thinking cool and professional. He would need his kit and a security uniform if he could get one. He judged the kidnappers and the tireless way Grace was dancing. He had time.


Sadly there were no security men in the area with a build similar to his, so he settled for a badge instead of the whole uniform. He dressed in plain clothes, tucked his favored pistols into their shoulder holsters, and secured his blackjack to his belt. Checking the mirror he made a note that he would need to get his roots retouched in the next few weeks and pulled a soft black beret over his hair. He smiled coldly at his reflection in the glass. Time to get to work.


He wondered what would be made of the double dose of uniformed and non-uniformed unconscious men and women. Perhaps they would assume that the proper authorities had somehow trussed up the kidnappers before passing out themselves. It was a pretty illusion. But he had not yet accounted for all of the trained baboons. He glanced in the window of the lounge.

Grace was no longer there. He froze before he could leap to an idiotic conclusion. With some of the goons out of the picture it was unlikely that they had already removed Grace from the premises. No, his involvement caused them to step up the time-table, and it was possible that they had withdrawn altogether. He needed to find Grace. He’d had the foresight to look up her room number earlier.

He slipped around the outside of the building counting vantage points and potential hostiles. The security man on Grace’s patio was down. A dark clad figure was nearing the patio doors. Then they were down and Aaron was moving into the bedroom. He wasn’t alone.

“John?” Grace’s voice sounded from behind a door. “What are you..?” She trailed off and the sound of the facet turned off.

The second Grace’s voice came out of the bathroom Aaron moved to block the door. Which he realized limited his options and was probably very stupid. He rolled out of the way, but not before being shot with a tranq and having the bathroom door clip him as Grace opened it. The tranq started working and he cursed internally, they hadn’t even done their research. Now he was going to be seeing double. Stupid. Remonstrate with self later, engage with blackjack now.

Something crashed into one of his opponents head and that opponent went down. Grace darted through to the door. It was of course wedged shut. But Aaron was a bit busy bashing people with a blackjack to swear. Especially as the room was starting to weave in and out of focus. He made sure the downed man stayed down, and was engaged in wrestling the tranq gun out of this baboons rather strong grip. He knew the other standing thug was coming up behind him… and then he was not and scuffling occurred behind him. He got the tranq gun and stunned the first man. The room was weaving too much to take a shot even if he would have preferred the gesture. Instead he dropped the tranq gun and watched Grace choke the last remaining kidnapper into unconsciousness.

“When you finish with him, would you mind getting me a vial of phemotennan before the world starts going Technicolor and/or I break out in hives. I hate hives.” The floor was looking more and more appealing by the minute. So he sat down.

Grace gaped at him. All in all this had really been an absolutely terrible idea.


Thieves abound! Kathryn at Nine Pages used the first line of this piece to write “They Were After Grace“.


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