Legal Theft Project: A Letter Tucked Between Love Poems and Forgotten

If I asked you to meet me at the ruins of Bayham, would it be more than a lark? I know you would come, curiosity would impel you. But how much of our dance is just a step of the curious and the cruel? The novice and the expert? We are dancing and you are leading and I can only imagine the music.

So I watch your face for every flicker of your lashes, every twist of your smile, looking for hidden messages because you never speak plainly when you can riddle. I fell in love with the riddle of you. You enjoy being part of a group and hold yourself apart. The way you relax before you engage in a battle. How you unravel the secrets of others and shy away from the darkness in yourself. Knowing that if I tell you this, you will let me finish speaking and have a word ready to deflect the weight. So you can pretend for a moment that I did not mean them. You would know that I did. You always find a way to know.

I could tell you there is a secret message in this letter, but I will not because I do not want you to spend three days immersed in these words, heedless of the world around you. You would be searching for a hidden meaning when in this, there is none. I love you. With even the above hints I know you are scouring this for other meaning. I would not change a bit of you.

Of course I don’t know all of you. I have never been good at figuring out secrets. Sometimes I miss the obvious. But I do understand you. Even if to understand you is to know there will always be more to the riddle that is you.

I would say I would spend years just exploring your eyes, but honestly that would bore both of us beyond tears. I would rather walk with you, looking for more riddles, and greater mysteries than eyes or ears have seen ere now.

But it is too quick and too soon and still unfolding steps. I dream far beyond my realities. I have dreamed us together, and I have dreamed us apart. I have seen so many ways that this story can end and yet I want to share with you the one that keeps me dreaming. The one where despite the odds, we understand each other and would not change for the world.

And yet.

I want you to know that even if you leave me, I will go on. Changed but not marred for knowing you. I have dreamed that path and know I am strong enough to walk through hills, and fire, and a moonless night if you leave me honestly. If you truly are just enjoying a dance and will bow out when the music you hear is finished, then god speed. I do not and will not regret our time.

If you leave to save me, I will fear for your sanity, climb to your window, break in, and sit on you until the madness passes. Though I believe we are both to stupid for this option.

I have spoken too much, too deeply, and too truly.

With the wish that one day the existence of this letter will not frighten you,



One day I will get this thievery thing sorted out. Till then you can go read the story created from the thieved first line of this one, “Bedrock and Castle Walls” by Gwen over at Apprentice,NeverMaster.


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