Legal Theft Project: Different Speeds

“If you were going to marry Riley, you would have done it years ago.”

“Yeah, but it would have been fun.”

Jazz nearly spit out her drink. “You would have hated being married to him.”

“The wedding would have been fun. Pretty dresses, tuxes, the excuse to throw a big party that all of our good friends would actually make time to fly in and attend. Not to mention the gifts and the excuse to vacation somewhere amazing for a few weeks.” Cici selected a bon bon, tossed it into the air, and caught it with her mouth. She chewed, enjoyed, and washed it down with a splash of her neon pink cocktail.

Jazz stared at her sister.

“What?” Cici asked. “I mean we would have enjoyed the physical aspect for awhile, and then when we finally realized we really wanted to be friends, we would have gotten a divorce and happily joined the ranks of statistics.”

“You would have enjoyed the… the pageantry of it?”

“Of course, because it wouldn’t have mattered. We wouldn’t have been in love, it would have just been easy. I mean, you pointed it out, if we had gotten married it would have been convenience and fear and friendship. Of course we would have hated marriage. So we hosted joint Halloween parties instead.”

“Joint Halloween parties instead of getting married.”

Cici laughed at the confusion in her sister’s voice. “We’re friends, Jazz. Best friends. It doesn’t have to be romantic.”

“I know, I just… Are you seeing anyone, Cici?”


“You’d tell me if you were?”

“Of course.” Cici sat up. “What is it?”

Jazz looked down at her hands. “You know Douglas?”

“Douglas? ‘I make this tuxedo look good’ Douglas? The one you met like, two weeks ago?”

“Yeah, that one.” Jazz looked up at her sister. “He asked me to elope with him. I want to say yes.”

“After two weeks?!”

“I just know. And I don’t want any of the pageantry and I had to tell you and even if it fails horribly I want to have tried this because, well, we’ve been through hell these last weeks and if we’re going through more, I damn well want the perks of a ring.”

Cici’s mouth hung open for a moment. Then she flew over and gave her sister an enormous hug. “We’ll have to find you a dress.”

Jazz hugged her back. “And you’re okay with this, all of the sudden, you’re okay with me running off with-”

“Yes. You two have something and I always think the risk is worth the reward. And if you know, you know. If you don’t you don’t. It’s so you, Jazz. I think I would want the ceremony and the party, but you don’t. You never would.”

Jazz held back her tears as she smiled at her sister. “I do still need a dress.”

“I’ll get my bag.”


The first line of this piece was stolen from “Something to Think About” by Bek over at BuildingADoor. Check it out.


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