Legal Theft Project: Stacking the Deck

She wanted a strawberry daiquiri, the latest issue of Cosmopolitan, a room at The Fairmont, and three days at the spa. She got a bottle of two buck-chuck, an academic article about transformation curses, a bunk in her brother’s RV, and the joy of wondering what trouble said brother would get into next. Damn her opposable thumbs. Did he even notice her? She opened the bottle and drank straight from it. She put her feet up on the battered RV table and closed her eyes. It wasn’t like she was doing too much good here. Elias had found a research buddy. Another person in on his particular little secret and someone with whom he could talk books and politics and brainy stuff she could not care less about. Yet she’d been reading academic articles that made no sense for around two years now trying to help her little brother out of his self inflicted idiocy. But he seemed to be enjoying his idiocy. It made him feel special and got him the attention of interesting people with whom she may or may not be unfairly comparing herself.

Why? Why did this bother her so much?

Lorelai looked through the RV, at the messy mix of her nail polish and her brother’s books, at the pile of his clothes in the corner and her shoes pushed under them. Pink and glitter and flash next to blue and matte and dark. Looking at it that way there were yin and yang. And like yin and yang they still fit even if it was one odd mix. She loved her brother. Damn it.

Pressing the bottle against her forehead, Lorelai realized they’d never said it to each other. She stayed because she cared, and ace up the sleeve be damned she needed to hear that she was making a difference. If she wasn’t then she could leave. If she was, she would be okay with staying, but she did not know whether her brother gave a damn about her presence they’d always flitted in and out of each other’s lives when they felt like it, and before one or the other admitted to feeling anything. And now she needed it. She was in too deep.

Now how to get her brother to actually listen to her.

Decision made, Lorelai got up and locked all the windows in the RV and sat down in the chair near the door. She would have to lock the door behind him. Otherwise he would just leave, and they were going to have that conversation. Whether he wanted to or not.


Thieves abound! My friend Bek over at BuildingaDoor stole this first line for her fiction “A Break.”


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