Legal Theft Project: Patterns of Behavior

“I’m starting to think you have a problem. Well, not starting, but reiterating.” Leon pointed it out with a smirk that would have made a purebred Siamese cat proud. Finn looked at Leon, then over at the uniformed men passing out wanted posters with his face writ large and foreboding across them all. “Which problem is that exactly? Being the world’s most wanted man or constantly taking the fall for things other people do?”

“The first. The second is your own fault.” Leon smiled. Finn leveled a glare at him, but Leon just smiled like the proverbial cat and cream.

Finn sighed. “I would say you’re insufferable, but I keep you around, so that clearly is not the case.”

“Maybe you just like suffering.”

“I truly would not know what to do with myself if I weren’t.” He grabbed Leon’s arm and dragged him away from the edges of the search.


They had evaded the uniforms, the mercenaries, and the trio of obnoxious socialites, but been stopped by multiple members of the Chamber. Leon had pulled a massive and ridiculous stunt that left Finn hauling an unconscious Leon back to their safe house. At least no one had followed them. He’d gotten Leon settled and started cooking dinner for the two of them when Leon finally roused.

“So,” Finn said. “I’ve noticed you might have a problem…”


I legally stole this line from the piece “A Non-Problem” written by Bekah over at Building a Door.


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