Legal Theft Project: Secrets, Serpents, and Snickerdoodles

“I think we may be lost.” Felix folded up his spyglass.

Val looked up from cleaning his new saber. “With your luck, doesn’t that mean we’re miraculously where we’re supposed to be even if we don’t know where we are?”

Felix just frowned.

“Am I changing course or not?” Kate asked. She kept her hands on the helm and watched the tells on the sails for any change in wind.

“What good is a course change if we don’t know where we’re supposed to be going, how to get there, or how to get back?” Felix paced down the deck watching palm islands and waves meander by. The air was sadly lacking in wild animal cries, ominous moaning, and dramatic music. The islands gave off no glimmer of barely hidden reefs, no small grottos, or treacherous rocks to be found.

Just endless white sand beaches, lush greenery, and tall waving palm trees. Felix pulled the map from his coat pocket and looked at it for the thirteenth time that morning. It looked exactly the same as it had all the other times.

A shadow fell on the map. That was new.

Val leapt to his feet, saber in hand.

“Felix.” That was Kate, and she was using her ‘My Captain is in the process of being stupid’ voice.

Felix looked up and up at a large scaly head with sea depth blue eyes. Water from it’s snout dripped onto his map.

“Excuse me,” Felix addressed the sea serpent. “Could you tell me where we went wrong? We appear to be in the wrong archipelago.” He held the map out to the serpent.

The ship rocked as a sibilant laugh escaped the serpent. It studied the map for a moment then it looked over Felix’s shoulder.

Mel poked her head out from below decks. The serpent stuck his tongue out in her direction, tasting the air. He hissed. It sounded vaguely like, “Cookies.” Kate watched the serpent, Val and Felix exchanged looks, and Mel scrambled onto the deck.

“COOKIES.” The serpent demanded once again. Mel squinted.

“Dakuwaquan, I promised you cookies every five years, it has been three. You are getting greedy.”

As everyone exchanged looks, the sea serpent sank down in the water and attempted to look as much like an adorable booted cat as a giant scaled serpent could manage. He was adorably horrible at it.

“If I give you cookies, will you point us in the right direction?” Mel had her hands on her hips like any mother scolding an unruly child.

Dakuwaquan nodded. “Oatmeal scotches?”

“No scotches. Snickerdoodles.”

The serpent thought about it, then nodded. When they were headed in the new direction, and the giant scaled serpent had sunk beneath the waves with his maw full of two dozen snickerdoodles everyone turned and looked at Mel.

“You owe cookies to a sea serpent?” Kate finally asked.

Mel shrugged. “Felix has his luck, I have mine.”

“There has got to be more to the story than that,” Felix protested.

“There is,” Mel said. “But I’ve got more cookies to bake.” And she went back to the galley.

Felix made to go after her, but Val stopped him. “Captain, he said seriously. “She has more cookies. Sea serpent charming cookies. We can always ask her for the tale later.”


Thievery abounds! My friend Gwen over at ApprenticeNeverMaster stole this line for her story, “Like The Stories When We Were Young.”


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