Legal Theft Project: Playing Stupid

Marie asked a stupid question right from the start. Even knowing her game, I wanted to beat my head against a door at the inanity of it all. In the ten minutes it took for the brief tour of the labs I’d resorted to mentally reciting bawdy song lyrics to keep my sanity intact. Of course Dr. Lillian MacArthur seemed just as affected by Marie’s prattle. The noted doctor’s polite mask was chipping in a few places. Guess it wasn’t strong enough to hold back such powerful disgust.

Marie had a brief interview in MacArthur’s office and was ever so politely dismissed. I showed her to the door.

“Afternoon Miss Chance.” I held the door opened for her.

She smiled at me. “Thank you Mister Michaels.”


Ten minutes before the last scientist went home, Marie slipped into my office dressed like a lab tech. I hit the button that reset the security in my office to a prearrange five minute busy loop.

“You get everything you needed from her?”

“I must have been in good form today,” she walked over and kissed my cheek.

I rolled my eyes and gave her a hug. “You were, and yes, I blame you for the stupid questions. I was reciting Lady Georgia’s Seven Lovers to keep from bashing you over the head.”

“I’m sure your performance sold my act. Everything set on your end?” Marie adjusted her lab coat.

“Yep.” I grabbed the last of my gear and looked around the office. “I am not going to miss it.”

“It’s a better office than the one you had at the Tam’s.”

“Yeah but it took me longer to hack than I would have liked.”

Marie shrugged. “Another day in the life of corporate sabotage.”

I put my hand on the door knob. “Let’s go break some profit margins.”


I’m a thief! I stole this first line from my friend over at BuildingaDoor. Check out her blog tomorrow to see what she wrote with it.


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