Legal Theft Project: Two Shades of Blue

Britney was still laying flat on her stomach, her feet hanging off the edge of her bed, when she heard the front door open and close again. Footsteps clattered up the stairs and skidded to a halt at her door.

“You seriously haven’t moved in three hours?” Micah never understood how a person could stay still that long.

“I moved. I’m taking notes on my reading.” Britney looked up and smiled at her brother.

Micah plopped down on the bed next to her. “Moving your arm hardly counts.” He looked at the pages of apparent gibberish. “Still planning on applying to Criton in the fall then?”

She marked her place in the book and closed it. “Yeah. I know they don’t accept people under eighteen, but there have been exceptions. Seventeen usually.”

“They’ll let you in, or they are the dumbest geniuses in space.”Micah bumped his shoulder against his sister’s. “Then I’ll miss you until I learn how to pilot and go visit you in my ship all the time.”

Britney snagged an arm around her brother in a quick hug. Micah ducked out of it after a second. They both sat up.

“I’ll miss you too, you know.”

Micah snorted. “As if you’ll have time. I’ve heard Criton students don’t get to sleep, let alone have time for free thought.”

“Well, if that’s the case, I’ll be home as soon as class starts. I can’t live without my beauty sleep.”

“Not slept recently then…”

Britney hit him with a pillow.

“Seriously, Sis,” Micah said. “You’ve got to get out of this room. If you’re going to go to school in space, you should be out among planetary sky for awhile.”

“They have parks, trees, and sunlight in the station, Micah.”

“Yeah, but there’s always a difference. No two shades of blue and all that.”

“You are smarter than you are given credit for, twerp.”

“Would you write that on a plaque?”

“No.” Britney stretched. “But I will go outside.”

“Huzzah.” Micah bounced up and darted to the door. Britney laughed and followed him into the backyard.


I’m a thief! Bek, Building a Door, and I switched first lines this week. Tune in tomorrow to see the originals. 


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