Legal Theft Project: Fishbowls

“Have you seen a dolphin driving a Ferrari?”

“No, but I’ve seen a squirrel in a pick up!”



Alice tossed the squirrel paper into the red bowl and passed the blue bowl to her left.

“The Fearless Crew of the Skipping Stone have sixteen and the Thoroughly Surprised Masters of Stealth have twenty. Thus begins the first round of the Would-Be-Annual-But-Plane-Tickets-Are-Darn-Expensive Fishbowl Tournament!” Eileen waited for the loud to die down.

“Timer ready, Kayla?”

“Yep yep.”


Gina snatched a slip of paper. “Infamous vegetable.”

“Blue hubbard squash!”


“Pants issues.”

“Let’s find a bar so dark we forget who we are—“


Gina shook her head. “and all the scars of —–“ She cut off.

“The nevers and maybes die!”

“Yes.” Gina grabbed the next piece of paper and stared at it. “A horse marketed to five year olds who has an enduring love of-“

“My Little Pony!”


“It wasn’t My Little Pony.” The slip of paper was tossed back in the blue bowl.

“Get that evil look off your face, Kayla.”

“I really hope we get that one.”

Eileen tallied up the score. Kayla passed the timer to Gina. Max took the blue bowl and waited for Gina to tell her it was go time.

“Annnnnnnnd…… Go.”

The paper flew into Max’s hand. “Grrr aaargggh. I mean, Grrr Argh.”

Everyone laughed as she tossed the paper back in the bowl.

“Ummmm…. Not a cha cha that other ballroom thing that is always intense and terrifying to watch.”



“Pizza Doubles! I mean, Paso doble!”


“The guy that is not spaghetti!”

“Joe Manganiello – also known as Marinara.”


Gina looked at the next phrase. “What the heck is this?”

“Giant balls of yarn!”

“No. I mean, I don’t know what this is…”

“No toss backs.”

“Okay, it looks like people cursing in Battlestar Galactica. Or fangs not fletching?”

“Frangar Non Flectar!”


Half the group fell over laughing.

““The Fearless Crew of the Skipping Stone have nineteen and the Thoroughly Surprised Masters of Stealth have twenty-three. Anyone looking in the windows is now confused as all get out.”

“If they looked in, we would be the fish in the fishbowl playing Fishbowl!”

The chorus of loud groans sounded as one, then turned back to laughter and lots of loud yelling of random phrases. At least until the next round where it became only one word yelled over and over.

“Just imagine what they’d think when we start the charade rounds….”


Darn plane tickets are expensive… I stole this line from that Babbling Buzzard. Check out her blog tomorrow to see what she originally wrote. Or check it out yesterday if you happen to be a time lord.


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