Legal Theft Project: Vantage Points

If he turned the paper sideways, he could make out a school of tiny fish swimming out of some seaweed. Either that or Medusa had a really bad case of dandruff. Would Medusa shed snake scales instead of skin? Was there even a shampoo that could handle snake hair? How much longer could he pretend to study his student’s art and ignore his stomach clenching anxiety? Apparently no longer. He put the drawing aside and dropped his head to the table with a thwomp.

Cameron took a coke out of the fridge and glanced over, letting the fridge door swing shut behind her. “Fail your will save?” she asked.

Sean did not lift his head from the table. “Not fighting the art.”

Cameron deciphered the mumbling as she took a seat at the table and popped the cap on her coke. “So it has enough math to keep you sane, or you’ve learned to appreciate-” she glanced at the paper he’d put to the side, “what appears to be a blooper attacking coins in Mario party?”

Sean sighed and sat up. His hand rose to rub the center of his forehead. “I applied to Chwarae Games.”

Cameron blinked. Sipped her coke. “What job opening?”

“Developer.” Sean muddled the consonants together like a child mumbling an answer that would get him in trouble. He contemplated dropping his head to the table again.

Cameron leaned back in her chair and took a long sip of coke. Sean had his broad shoulders hunched in, his head tilted down, and generally looked about as happy as a dog faced with the door to the vet’s office. “Clearly you made a horrible decision.”

Sean winced and glared at his friend.

“By not telling me about this earlier,” Cameron finished. She pulled out her phone. “Indian or pizza?”

“This is not going to be solved with food.” He smiled. You could count on Cameron to steady your crazy. He snagged her coke and took a swig. “My stomach is in so many knots I couldn’t decide what to cook and I don’t really-”

Cameron held up a hand. “You are finally contemplating abandoning the savage wilds of middle school math and art to apply for the job you’ve been giddy about since you were knee high to a pseudo dragon.” She reclaimed her coke. “When Finn and Janelle get home, we are ordering Indian, and celebrating.”

“And if I don’t get the job?”

“Then we throw a commiseration party, and brainstorm ways to wrangle middle schoolers.” She shrugged. “Sean, I dropped out of college to train dogs. I loved art, I even liked school to a point. But I figured out I never wanted to do it as a career. I wanted to spend all my time with dogs.” She gestured at his forehead with her bottle. “Now you, you love teaching. You like introducing rambunctious young people to knowledge and games and horizons, but you like it the same way I like art. As a hobby, but you went into the career because it looks better in society.”

Sean gave a rueful grin. “All that dog whispering gave you a bonus on empathy checks did it?”

“Darn right it did. Now you have a chance. You may make it, you may not. But hey, there are always chances that gaming groups fail, space dragons eat the sun, or large meteors abolish all life on earth. Go for it.”

Sean thought a moment. “So I guess we’re playing games set in space tonight at this celebration party?”

“Indeed. Now pick up that soccer ball and leave the art critique for later.”

Sean picked up the soccer ball and followed Cameron outside.


Thievery! I stole this line from Gwen and we ended up robbing each other. Check out her blog tomorrow for more hi-jinks.


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