Legal Theft Project: Dear Eleanor

It is the dearest wish of my heart that this letter reach you in time. Mother has been accused of witchcraft and if you do not do something, I shall never forgive you. Not in any world. Mother has taken it all with grace. She has asked for nothing. She does not know I am writing you. No doubt she would give me the same look she did when I asked her why she let you leave.

Why now, you ask? We have a new Dritka. One quite concerned with the unrest and open rebellion in the country side and his mission is to protect this community from the influence of the unclean and corrupted. I know he should be looking at the town council if he wants to find either, but he is not concerned with mortal sins. Oh no, to hear him talk, all the ills of this town are not our own dratted fault, of course not. We have been influenced by the forces of darkness and once we have cast out those influences, we shall be safe. If he’d been two years earlier, I might have believed him more.

I’m sorry you do not deserve that. While you were here, you did only good. But you know why I said it. I will not allow Mother to do this. I cannot handle it, Eleanor. I am begging you to come home and help. Please. Haven’t we quarreled enough? Haven’t I lost enough? Can’t you take a break from your ridiculous quest to assist your family?

I miss you. I know I have not written before. I was afraid to. Now there is an actual fear and danger and because I have not written before I could have doomed us now. Eleanor, I still do not understand why you are, driven so. The merest inklings have come to me now that I know the kind of people who rule our land. If you are correct and the world is under their sway than I wish you the best. Just take a moment, one single moment, and save our mother. She never doubted you. She never forbid you your wishes, please, please, answer mine.

They will drown her in three days.

I pray I see you before then.



The clever Thief Lord, ApprenticeNeverMaster, stole this line for her post yesterday. To witness the ring of thievery, visit here.


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