Whose Line: Stone Dragons

Miranda slipped into the room. “The Great Stone Dragon is following me.”

Kylie and Nan looked up from their tea with similar expressions of concern. Kylie tilted her head. “Did you watch Mulan yesterday?”

“Of course,” Miranda replied as she closed the door behind her. “The one Mushu destroyed must have been a fake because the actual Great Stone Dragon is following me around.” Miranda lifted the edges of the curtains and peeked out, her thick brown hair falling over the shoulders of her trench coat.

Nan raised her eyebrow at Kylie. Kylie sighed, shook her head, and picked up another scone.

“Irritate any ancestors by cross dressing, Miranda?” Nan asked and sipped her tea.

Miranda turned and looked at Nan with exasperation. “My ancestors keep their meddling to a less than animate form.” She dropped the curtain and took two large steps away from the window. Kylie offered Miranda a tea cup, but Miranda shook her head and took a scone instead. “Not even the government can put a stop to it.” [1]

“You asked the government?” Quite startled, Kylie set her tea cup down.

“The police were less than helpful.” Miranda grumbled and munched into her scone.

“I can imagine.” Nan’s tone was so dry that Miranda considered stealing her tea.

“They would not let me fill out a restraining order.” Miranda continued munching her scone.

“There are only five points on a pentagon,” [2] Kylie said. “I imagine that’s a lot less than whatever is on your form. Why don’t you make a containment pentagram and lock it in there?”

“Why don’t we?” Miranda hopped up. “I’ll get the chalk.”

Nan rolled her eyes, but played along.

They trooped outside. Miranda drew the pentagram, Kylie and Nan looked around for a large stone gargoyle.

“You can’t always see the moon.” [3] Miranda said. “Doesn’t mean it isn’t there.”


[1] from Kathryn.

[2] from Gwen.

[3] from Kathryn again.


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