Head Full of Characters Part III

In direct response to Into the Character Lounge Part III. Probably best to read them side by side. With a special guest visiting from another author’s head…


Scotty: [grabbing a tankard and hoisting it into the air] All together now!

{to the tune of Ten Thousand Miles Away}

Sing ho for a fast and a fearless lass

Who sailed just as she pleased

She’s five foot two, can out drink you,

And terrorized the seas

She terrorized the seas, me lads

From Rampton to Khallais

Only one other ship could make that trip

And make Sevael pay



She burned the gallows down, she burned the gallows down,

They couldn’t bring Sevael round, she burned the gallows down,

They put the noose around her neck and it all went up in flame

The Scorpion was dangerous

The Scorpion skipped free

But the privateers caught up to her out on the open sea

Out on the open sea, me lads

And though she fired away

The privateers fought cannily and brought Sevael to bay


Oh it was a winter’s morning

When they brought Sevael to hang

She’d a glint in er eye, let the curses fly

Though it all seemed in vain

Aye, it all seemed in vain, me lads

But Sevael they could not tame

They put that noose around her neck and all went up in flame


Well no one knows what happened

In Port Khallais that day

All we know for sure is that

Sevael got away

Yes, she got away, me lads

And back to the rolling seas

She’ll find her prey among the ocean spray

And that’s the last I’ll say


Tybalt: I sincerely hope the other authoress is okay. I mean, that just does not sound like a pleasant realm of the internet.

Scotty: [takes a break during the chorus] Considering I wrote the dang thing, I know for certain it has never appeared on the internet before.

Tybalt: And if I ever get proof you had something to do with this, I will… it will be terrible.

Scotty: [grins]


All: [look at each other in shocked silence and mostly decide that maybe their authoress is not that bad]

Kypri: [slowly] It’s kinda hard to trick death if you’re already dead. So, don’t give up on running. I mean, at least if you’re having some fun along the way.


Jess: Never let the boyfriends in the same room!

Me: I do not want to even contemplate the number of different boyfriends you’ve had in your existence. Let alone what they would do if locked in the same room.

Jess: Thankfully most of them don’t live here.

Me: True. That is someone else’s headache. [considers Tybalt and Tyrell]

Tybalt: He’d be nothing without me.

Tyrell: You’re an elf with super powers, a pansy, and a fop. I am quite happy to have ditched the first two epithets, and am working on the third.

Tybalt: Our love of clothing endures.

Tyrell: You are the immature actor brother I have never had.

Tybalt: [swirls his cape]


All: [turn to Jess. The number of raised eyebrow is truly staggering]

Edan*: [looks at Terius’ retreating back and Jess’ face before quickly stepping between the two of them] My Lord Terius, I hope that title isn’t insulting, but we know so little of your waters and lands. Your crew and friends are still somewhat interested in interacting with we crazed land born sailors at least if Zain blaring music is anything to go by. Jess, hold your tongue for two more minutes, please. I purpose a fight where the two of you can beat each other bloody with blunt weapons. The rest of us can have fun with the bets and then separate you for the rest of the party. If we’re lucky you might be friends by the end of it, especially if we can get the two of you drinking. [Edan smiles and hopes the two iron headed Captains don’t turn on him instead]

Tyrell: [aside to Jess while Edan talks] You are never allowed in my board room.

Jess: [muttered] So I wasn’t the most diplomatic…

Tybalt: Jess, Edan just jumped in from another author’s head to salvage this. What do you think of his idea?

Jess: [sighs] To respond to the points in order, starting with before Edan jumped in. One, I did not mean to trivialize your troubles. I know everyone has them, I simply took issue with your tone when answering my questions. I don’t know your water, the good or the ill, and was simply trying to get my bearings.

Tybalt: And she has authority issues.

Jess: [glares at Tybalt but shrugs her confirmation]

Kypri: As to calling her weak…. that gets complicated. Jess is Jess. Other labels are kind of like trying to rename a common object. Water is water. You can add descriptors, but calling it sugar doesn’t make it taste any sweeter. Nor does calling Jess a pirate change who or what she is. [just in case he has irritated anyone, Kypri turns into an otter and looks adorable]

Jess: The fluffy thing has a point. I get the feeling that our respective culture differ too much for an accurate translation.

Anthony: Which means what, Captain?

Jess: [after a rueful glance at her first mate] It means I’m sorry for insulting you, my lord. [gives a respectful tip of her hat] I also apologize for losing my temper. I shant let it happen again. At this point clearing the air with a decent fight and a pint sounds like a good plan to me. [waits for Terius’s response]

Kypri: [turns back into a man] Okay! Party planning! Kirt, you take the bets so the serious people can have a drink and grudgingly make peace so that the rest of us can have some fun without worrying about them. Let us pelt one and all with marshmellows, peeps, and quippy one liners. [motions to Zain to follow his lead, and saunters out of Jess’s sight] I have noticed that people often carry keys, shiny stones, flint, and other useful and interesting things in their pockets…

Tyrell: [watches Kypri walk off] That cannot be a good thing.

Tybalt: Probably not, but it will sure be entertaining.

Me: [with a hand on my forehead] Are we having a mind spanning party, are we meeting in neutral ground? Does such a thing exist? When did FliptheOtter decide to let Edan come join in the party? Am I even allowed to have other characters in my post. I mean, Edan doesn’t belong to me…

Tybalt: [hands Me a large tankard filled with black cherry soda] Don’t think about it too hard.


*Edan is a character who belongs to my friend over at thegateinthewoods. He is one of the few people who can corral Jess. I have the author’s permission to post his speech here. Life gets complicated when the characters start talking…


2 thoughts on “Head Full of Characters Part III

  1. Sing hey for a character’s sea shanties! …And for characters running amok, sometimes in heads of authors not even their own. *recalls when her minstrel skipped off to California for months at a time*

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