Head Full of Characters Part II

So they kept talking. This time about Zain.


Tybalt: I want a holiday.

Jess: You have a cult of celebrity, why do you need a holiday? Plus your nation is really weird anyway.

Tybalt: [shrugs] I guess I should just throw another party.

Jess: You do that.


Me: I sound really similar to Zain.

Characters En Mass: No really?

Jess: Wasn’t running around waving your arms your exact reaction to finishing that book series? Then gushing to all your friends?

Me: I think I could be trusted with my own holiday.

Tybalt: Would you trust Kypri with his own holiday?

Me: Hmmm. No.

Jess: And do you know how to pick locks? No. You don’t. Kypri does.

Me: Zain and I are still really similar.

Tybalt: Yes. Okay, you are.


Everyone turns to look at Kypri.

Kypri: [false innocent look] What?

Jess: How’s the plan on stealing Terrin and Edan going?

Kypri: What makes you think I was stealing anyone?

Jess: [smirk] Because you also collect iron willed individuals.

Kypri: They always have the most interesting things in their pockets…


Kypri: SEE! And they always have the best reactions.

Tybalt: You mean they always get angry.

Kypri: Anger is funny.

Jess: [sigh] And this is why you are cute. Because otherwise you would be dead.


Kypri: Clearly you have not adequately realized how many spaces a small adorable mammal can go that a full sized man cannot. Also, bubbles are awesome.


Tybalt and Kypri applaud.


Kypri: Only best friends can get away with tying you up. It would mean I would have to stop moving.

Jess: I believe they also knocked him unconscious.

Kypri: See best friends. [considers] I should probably clarify that I meant dense about love. Because all the iron willed individuals I know can never admit that they actually like or deserve another person’s affection. They never act on it because they are generally the best people ever. Thus those of us who not nearly as noble and silent have to get the iron willed to go on dates. [nods]


Tybalt: Does this mean that you and Kypri are rapscallion idiots who shout a lot?

Me: Yes.

Kypri: I like him. In fact I like all these people.

Jess: I could like these people.

Tybalt: You’re just cranky because you and Terius are rather similar, except he appears to have more agency and his own island.

Jess: [grumbles] I have my own island.

Tybalt: So do I. You however have to purchase your title of nobility, unlike myself and Terius. You also have issues with anyone who has authority, especially naval authority. So basically you and Terius need to fight, respect each other grudgingly, and then eventually become friends.

Jess: I am not sobbing out a back story to explain all that.

Tybalt: Suit yourself. I’m going to go purchase victuals for the party.


2 thoughts on “Head Full of Characters Part II

  1. I would love to transcribe my character conversations into blog posts, like this. Alas, so many of their exchanges turn into drama worthy of another novel, and I’d hate to spoil any potential plot points.
    Ah, well. Perhaps I’ll someday find a way. (:

    • Most of these characters are from different stories which is how I get around the plot point spoilers. I try to keep the information limited to things that readers would know within the first chapter. Best of luck finding a way to transcribe conversations. I would love to read them. 🙂

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