Head Full of Characters Part I

My characters have been talking loudly about the Character Lounge Gwendoogles over on Apprentice Never Master. This is the result.


Tybalt: [looks at the odd letter and points at the initial italics] What’s schizophrenia?

Jess: [wryly] Some people seem to find our existence disturbing. For whatever reason when it is written down, they don’t worry as much.


Tybalt: You people need an upgrade. [looks around at the two story wood and glass hangout with multiple conversation pits] We have pillows and private hideaways.

Tyrell: Don’t forget the deck out onto the seashore.


Jess: They don’t get to go outside!!! [splutters and fumes]

Alisha: Calm down. They can sneak out. Authoresses are notoriously distractible.

Tybalt: It’s highly likely their author simply doesn’t notice.

Me: [nods in agreement] They could be ninjas. Plus, it isn’t like that here.

Tybalt: Like we’d let you.

Me: Fair point. We don’t really have doors, mainly archways.


[Tybalt and Tyrell look at each other]

Tybalt: There is a reason you do not have a ship.

Tyrell: You only need four hours of sleep. That’s cheating.


Jess: [scowls at Galen and Terius]

[Alisha goes toward Jess, and Tybalt shakes his head. Tyrell brings Jess a glass of water. Everyone backs slowly away.]

Jess: [takes a sip of water and lets out a deep breath] Let’s get some things strait. Where I’m from there is no unified group of people who lives solely from the sea and shore. The land nations around my water have what are known as navies. A navy is a group of ships run by a land country to control the nearby water and protect national merchant men.

[leans back in her chair] Pirate is the name given to any ship or group of ships that Navies don’t like. As to being romantics – you are a group of people living on the sea, apparently without a group of wealthy bigoted lubbers trying to kill you and hoarding all the best supplies. Your life IS romantic, you lucky sons of sea spray.

In your world terms, everyone in my world is a clan and ‘pirate’ is the name given to the group who doesn’t call any particular land home. Makes it hard to get supplies.


Characters in Unison: Hello Brance.


Tybalt: [laughs] That’s what I get for projecting.

Alisha: No really, Mister, blue hair, blue and green eyes, blue magic, and blue blood?

Scotty: Lightning can be blue. I think that may have been a theme.

Jess: Did Scotty just attempt to make sense?


Tyrell: [grins slowly] Brance if we spend an hour talking, you will figure out your views on right and wrong because I am an anti hero.

Jess: Which makes the rest of us want to bash him with belaying pins.

Tyrell: You have a naturally violent nature.

Jess: And you look so cute when you’re injured. [nasty grin]

Tyrell: I am so glad we are not in the same world or time period.


Tyrell: Perhaps I should have said I would like to replace Rucker, because he stepped over a line. I want to help and I may have the ability to actually influence people….

Jess: Wouldn’t that put you back in the heroic category.

Tyrell: [glares at Jess] Forget I said anything.


Me: Gwen, we may have a problem. My characters have started stocking beverages and are trying to decide whether to host this party on a private island, or just throwing open the character lounge.

Tybalt: Why don’t we just have it at my mansion?

Tyrell: Because your decorator used too much blue and we don’t need a ballroom.

Jess: We could throw a beach party.

Me: Help?


3 thoughts on “Head Full of Characters Part I

    • Now if only they would talk to me about their own stories instead of other authors’ characters. That would be wonderful.

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