Fantasy: Spirit’s End by Rachel Aaron

The epic conclusion to a campaign arc that takes characters to levels from myth and legend, and never flags or falters. I enjoyed Spirit’s End so much I finished a chapter, stared into space mouthing the word ‘Wow’ and dove back into the next chapter. This book kept me from getting sleepy. My heart raced as I prayed my favorite characters would survive. I called up friends only to babble incoherently about how they simply must read this book.

Coherent reasons to read this book:

1. The world building is flawless. Every point has a counter point and the fabric of the world doesn’t bend or buckle, even under the pressure of cosmic plot and powers. I learned a lot about necessary details and consistency by reading this book.

2. Holy pink guacamole, the action sequences. If my heart raced as I wondered who would survive this book, I never got to stop racing because one right after another, things kept crashing down and unraveling. I watched a movie in my mind and it was Return of the King scale epic.

3. Character consistency in the face of extreme pressure. There are points where it looks like people lose themselves, only to come roaring back. I believe every character in this book. Most of them are flawed. All of them are important, and all are handled with sensitivity. This is not a pure black and white battle and is not handled as such. I fell in love many times over.

4. It Ends. It is named Spirit’s End and it actually ends. I would read other books set in this world, but what I respect the most is that this 5 book series is done. The story this series tells, has ended in a most satisfying and final way. In a time where I have read so many tales where authors keep going like energizer bunnies, this reminds me how stories are supposed to end.

To speak else would include spoilers. Suffice to say that Rachel Aaron is awarded a spot in my library forever.


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