Fantasy: The Spirit War by Rachel Aaron

As the old man standing up to Loki in The Avengers says, “There are always men like you.” Or in this case, there are always people like you.

This fourth book in the Eli Monpress saga is Joseph, the swordsman’s, book. It starts with his back story and he centers the plot. This is a book where all the simmering threads and questions from the previous books explode into action. There were some plot twists I saw coming and some that surprised me. What impressed me the most, however, was how the challenges stayed complex and threatening to dearly beloved characters.

There was no easy answer to any of the hero’s problems. No sword that could slice everything, no easy way to justify moral decisions, and villains that harmed the heroes. I think the best recommendation I have for this book is that I could not put it down and I was never bored. I immediately ran to Barnes and Noble for the next book. When they did not have it I dealt with a serious case of grumpy for the rest of the day. This book has such a well written intriguing ending that I simply HAD to have the next one. And the next one was even better.

[Kate looks at all of the gushing above] This will make more sense if you read the previous reviews in the series The Spirit Thief, The Spirit Rebellion, and The Spirit Eater. Then read the upcoming review of Spirit’s End.


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