Autumn and Ideas

Today I curled up with a book and read the morning away occasionally stopping to listen to the rain hitting the window. I considered getting tea and a blanket, but I wanted to spend more time with my thoughts and stillness seemed like the best option. October ranks as my favorite month thanks to my birthday, Halloween, slightly cooler weather, and more recently my roommate’s birthday.

This month specifically I am looking forward to visiting with college friends I have not seen in a while, and contemplating the approach of November and National Novel Writing Month, otherwise known as NaNoWriMo. Writing 1,667 words a day is something I would like to do, but what to capture in those words?

Pirates, forest dwelling rebels, ancient relics, law, chaos, singing lemurs, precocious eight year olds, imaginary otters, so many elements I could use to form short stories or a novel. Shall I write about the fall of an empire, the adventures of a single ship, the ties between lovers, the power of music, or something more abstract. Do I take an old idea or try for the new?

For now I will gather my notebooks, flash drives, lists, and pictures, and allow all of the ideas to bloom. Hopefully I will find a field of flowers to arrange into a bouquet I want to write for a month – but if not, I will still have flowers.


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