Fruit? Cake!

Fruit does not go bad, it simply turns into baked goods. Bananas are the traditional bread fruit, the blacker the banana peel, the better the resulting bread tastes. Upon browsing the internet I have found something similar to this black banana to bread trend with a great deal of other fruits. Have a bunch of over ripe mangoes? Turn them into cake or bread! Plums? Short breads and English tea snacks! Apricots? Jams, jellies, muffins, or donuts. Peaches? Cobblers, cakes and scones!

The exception to the overripe fruit rule seems to be citrus. Bad citrus is sad citrus. Plenty of recipes use citrus zest, and occasionally citrus juice, but I have not found any recipes that call for overripe lemons or oranges. Of course most citrus is never around me long enough to go bad, so this is never a problem. Which is a good thing, as fruit is good for me, while baked goods are less so. However, I find the process of turning one into the other fascinating and it is often easy. Guess it’s time to break out the pedometer, enjoy the fall weather, and the resulting baked goods.


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