I have never found goals difficult to accomplish. However, I find realistic goals difficult to set. Goals are what let you work towards what you want out of your life. What do you do when you don’t know what you want?

I have been living with this kind of odd directionless drifting since I graduated. I had time and ability to search out a passion, and I have been looking, but I have not found anything that speaks to me. I love to write, but when I set writing goals, I inevitably fall short and then feel blue for not rising to the challenge.

I am a good writer and enjoy telling stories. How do I make this practical? What 9-5 job will motivate me to go and do something more with my life? What failure am I so afraid of?

I could continue the list of questions running through my mind, or I can hope that I am just a late bloomer to the purpose party and sing Avenue Q songs to myself until I feel better. Let’s break out the cookie dough and musicals, then head off soul searching once again. Who knows, maybe I’ll find a purpose along the way.


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