Yes, I Read Romance

My library has a romance novel section. I really enjoy Nora Roberts and the majority of the romance novels I own were authored by her. The characterization is amazing, and they are what I consider my brain candy books. “Brain candy” books are novels that do not strain my mind at all, are intriguing enough to keep my interest, and are pleasant and entertaining to read.

Romance is the main plot. A meets B, encounter obstacles, A and B fall in love and end up happily ever after. You know how the plot is going to end, that is not the point. How you get there, incredible and interesting characters make the story fun to read. Mystery, action, spy thriller, or medieval knights can add more depth to the plot, but the people are what make the book.

When I want to escape into a book, I am looking for witty banter, hope, happy endings, and humor. Nora Robert’s romance novels include all of these. I an not ashamed to say that I read, and even re-read romance novels as well as science fiction and fantasy.


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