Science Fiction: Remnant Population by Elizabeth Moon

Elizabeth Moon has two series, Vatta’s War and Herris Serrano, in my collection, but I thought I would talk about her interesting stand alone novel Remnant Population.

My initial interest in this book came from two rare plot elements: an elderly female main character, and isolation. Perhaps I am not quite well read enough to know the other books that have an older point of view character. However, I wanted to read this book, because I wanted to know what would draw this woman to live out her final years alone on an alien planet. She seemed like an interesting strong willed woman.

This book explores the role of wisdom, age, and gender by utilizing science fiction elements. Namely, an alien culture. This is not the action or politics oriented fiction I consider usual from Elizabeth Moon. Age is one of her themes, but it is explored much differently in this novel, than say, the story of Herris Serrano.

Soft societal science fiction I enjoyed the serenity and clean well crafted prose. One of the books I keep around for making me think as well as for the fun of the stories.


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