Science Fiction: The A.I. Gang by Bruce Coville

A group of bright kids end up on an island where artificial intelligence and espionage make their lives anything but dull. This trilogy has remained on my shelves despite my exit from the recommended age category. Why? Because it is just plain fun.

The group of main characters are quirky, believable, and engaging. My heart belongs to Wendy “The Wonderchild” for her voracious love of hamburgers, lack of organization, temper, tiny stature, and trio of talking toys. The other characters are equally well fleshed out: Ray “The Gamma Ray” and his love of basket ball despite his lack of height, Roger’s constant pranks, Rachel’s love of music, Trip always being late, and many more.

Each book has its own simple plot, is well paced, and has enough variety to keep a reader’s interest. If you want to read a youth book with scientists, or know an intrepid reader ten or older this trilogy is a good way to spend a weekend.

Operation Sherlock, Robot Trouble, and Forever Begins Tomorrow seem to be out of print at the moment. I wish that weren’t so as they are great books, and a good spin into science fiction for young readers.


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